FightScore app – LIVE Scoring

Use FightScore to score the entire boxing card at tonights fights at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

FightScore is a crowd-sourcing scorecard app for Boxing & MMA. It connects fight fans worldwide and uses their scores to generate a global average scorecard.

• Featuring an intuitive tap-interface for scoring, FightScore is easy to pick up and use.

• Set up and score your own fights, as you watch them Live or on TV! Or join in the scoring for an event from the Active Fights list.

• Social Network integration lets you easily share your scorecard with your followers.

• Supports Boxing (12,10,8,6,4 Rounds).

• Scorecards are automatically saved for you, so you can retrieve them whenever you need to.

• FightScore is cross-platform, fights and scores entered on either iOS, Droid or Web scorecards are used to generate a single global scorecard.